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Making Mondays Better: Last bites and happiness

5 Mar
  • I have been told many times by Mr L that the way I eat pizza is just plain weird. Why? Because I start with the crust and move inwards towards the centre – my reasoning being that the centre is the best bit, so I want to save that to last. Now I know I’m not alone.
  • Making positive changes is hard. I know this thanks to the list of failed New Year’s Resolutions that grace my desk every February. Usually this is because I try to take on too much too soon – I want to start my own business, write the next NY Times bestseller, be the most bendy yogi in existence and have a perfect relationship with Mr L…. and I want it RIGHT NOW! Thankfully I’m (slowly but surely) starting to realise that small steps done are better than big steps ignored. Check out Courtney Carver’s guide to starting small, including some fantastic excuse busters. Now just get out there and take a step!
  • Remember: happiness is a choice. Make that choice today.
  • Want this. In Melbourne. Now.

How are you putting a smile on your dial this Monday?