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Making Mondays Better:80s-tastic cartoons and lingering

12 Mar
  • As a child of the eighties, this really resonated with me. Except for me it was Coco Pops – they turn the milk chocolatey!
  • zenhabits discusses the 5 habits that keep you unhealthy. While this is focused on physical health, I think these tips can be applied to any area of your life. Especially number 1 – just start!
  • Reclaim the lost art of lingering. I love lingering in book stores – there’s something about all those books, all those stories I could dip into (if I wanted to) that makes me want to tuck myself away for hours and just indulge. Indulging is important – indulging our dreams, our loves… our selves.
  • Little things make a big difference.
  • One more reason to strive to be your unique self – trying to be liked is just too damn hard.
  • Don’t Panic! Douglas Adams would have turned 60 this weekend.

Have an awesome week my lovelies!

With love,