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Making Monday Better: Thunderstorms and gratitude

27 Feb
  • I love a good summer thunderstorm! Melbourne has sweltered through a horribly humid weekend, and we were well overdue some serious cloud action. Last night the lightning started about 9pm, huge flashes turning the grey clouds gold from within, but it took a while to really break… by 1am all hell had broken loose though, and we had the most magnificent summer storm. I woke up to cooler air, a fresh, green garden and the wonderful smell of rain. (Source of photo: Jayne Moberly)  
  • The meaning of life according to the ancient Egyptians. Lovely!
  • I’m getting the urge to get rid of stuff right now. There’s something about having a lot of things around me that can make me feel off balance – like I can’t think straight thanks to all the objects that are crowding me. The last really big clear out I had was when I moved from the UK to Oz, but that’s six years ago now, and it’s time for more clarity. So I was delighted to see this pop up on my Google reader. Granted we’re nearly two months into the year, but it’s never too late to start, right? Watch this space for my decluttering tales.
  • Saying thank you is a wonderful thing to do. So wonderful that Leah Dieterich does it everyday. Check out her blog  for reasons to be happy and thankful.
  • I love having 90s-tastic moments thanks to youtube, and this is one of my favourite songs from my university years. Doesn’t matter how many times I listen to it, it’s fabulous.

What’s going to make you smile this Monday?