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Making Monday Better: Tea and lols

20 Feb

Ahh, poor Monday. It gets a bad rap you know -it’s the day of the week everyone hates, and it takes all that animosity without even a whisper of complaint.

Therefore in the interests of helping Monday out, I’m starting a weekly Making Monday Better post, with some great links to help you get through the first 24 hours of the week.

  • It’s one of the greatest conundrums to face the obsessive tea-drinker – what should one do in the afternoon? Breakfast is clearly taken care of with the ubiquitous English Breakfast Tea. But after about 11am, when you really can’t claim to be eating breakfast anymore, drinking EBT doesn’t seem quite right. Earl Grey and green tea just don’t do it for me. So I was delighted to find this in my local supermarket.  The clever chaps at Twinnings have created Australian Afternoon Tea (AAT from here on in) – problem solved! Sadly it’s a limited edition, so if you hear reports about obsessive AAT purchasing in Melbourne, you know why…
  • I’m a recent iPhone convert, and I’m loving the iCloud service that comes with it. What I’m particularly excited about is the fact that any photos I take with my phone just magically appear on my Mac – no more hunting around for cables to do a sync once a month (more like whenever I remembered…) like I had to do with my old phone. This is especially valuable when I get pictures of my nieces and nephews MMS’d to me from the UK. I know they’re safe and sound on my computer should anything happen to my phone. Mr L hasn’t upgraded to iCloud, but he uses dropbox to do the same thing.
  • Diving with dolphins or sharks seems to be on a lot of people’s bucket list. If you want to stand out from the crowd, how about diving with… crocodiles? I particularly love the advice about only going near crocs that look friendly towards divers!
  • Still with the BBC, one of my favourite parts of the website is their Day in pictures section. Featuring a few pictures each day, it brings home the human side of the incredible, the amazing and the humbling. My most recent favourite is the little girl sitting on her mum’s lap in the European Parliament, taking part in the vote. Hopefully this little girl will grow up knowing that having women in positions of influence is good for everyone.

Enjoy your week everyone!

With love,