The short version

Speak gently; Believe

In the soul’s beauty and grace;

Above all: be love

The long version

My name is Clare. I was born in the seventies, grew up in the eighties, went my own way in the nineties, changed direction (several times) in the noughties, and I’m now finally finding myself in the twenty-tens.

I was born in England but now call Australia home – specifically Melbourne – where I live with my partner and two gorgeous kitty cats. I love to follow the sunshine, and quite happily migrate to Queensland during the winter.

I’m an INFJ, was born on the cusp between Taurus and Gemini (so read both horoscopes just in case) and I believe we all have the power to create magic in our lives.

I love tea. In fact, it’s one of my obsessions – other obsessions include writing, chocolate biscuits, shoes, Abraham, helping other people follow their dreams and living mindfully and positively.

Sending you lots of love,



Winter in Queensland

Winter in Queensland



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