What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as a result of procrastinating?

22 Oct

Hah! I love the little prompts wordpress comes up with to help inspire your next post. I actually have a few posts ready to go, but this prompt really got me thinking.

You see, I’m a very good procrastinator. I’m an expert at it. In fact, if there were ever awards for procrastinating, I’d be up there on the stage. It’s a safe be that will never happen, as me and my fellow procrastinators wouldn’t be able to get around to organising it.

But the worst thing that’s ever happened to me? That’s a toughy – I don’t think I can distill it down to one thing. So here are (gulp!) my top three procrastinating moments.

1. Paying a whole lot more to fly – the dollar cost of procrastination

Last year I flew back to the UK for a family wedding. The date was set well in advance, I knew I wanted to be there because I hadn’t seen family and friends for ages, and the holiday came at the end of a really frantic period at work – perfect timing. And yet, for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to buy my flights.

I knew who I wanted to fly with, the flights were available on their website, and yet I just kept hesitating when it came to hitting the buy it now button. I’d log on every day and check availability, but wouldn’t buy.

End result? I left it too late, and while I still managed to get home for the wedding, it cost me several thousand more dollars than it would have done if I’d just bitten the bullet earlier.

2. Working ’til 4am – the time cost of procrastination

This one has happened a few times, mostly when I was a student, but the most recent occurrence was only a few years ago. I was responsible for preparing a document to a deadline, but I just kept putting it off. It was a large, complicated document that required input from a lot of people, and the task just seemed too big somehow.

End result? I was working ’till 4am to finish it, and worse still, the people responsible for other inputs had to work that late too, just because of my procrastination. Not one of my finer moments.

3. Missing out on a night with friends – the personal cost of procrastination

This last one happened when I still lived in London. A friend planned a great night out for NYE, but we needed to get tickets. Everyone confirmed early – except me of course. I saw her email every day, but kept putting off replying.

End result? Everyone got tickets, except me. One very quiet NYE followed for me.

You see? Procrastination is bad kids, it makes you miss out on things. Just do it!


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